So,I have been quite busy these days(With studies and festivals,yes,but they come and go,the former mandatory suffering,the latter necessary fun!),shifting my entire blog from Blogger to WordPress.I’m already in love with the wordpress experience,with the increased readability,the pretty themes and the overall chic look!But then,this entire experience got me thinking on how much (unnecessary?) importance we impart to outer appearances,when all that really matters is the content,the core of it all!
And I dont speak of a particular individual,or a group,or community,but the entire human race in general,when I say this:We are so moved by the outward appearance of things that we could make life-changing decisions merely on the basis of physical beauty!Oh boy!We are a vain race!Humankind,has always been,I guess,vain and shallow,in its most primitive form!
Well,pretty things get stuff done(like,way faster!),and,no complaints there,but doesn’t it strike you as something very…shallow,from an otherwise uber intelligent species?!Or are we just designed that way,beauty over brains,impulses over slowly thought-out decisions?!!!
So,I have been feeling a bit too philosophical today,and this might be the reason behind above mentioned rant,so bear with me please!Speaking of other things,look what I recieved in the mail yesterday:


The sound quality is just fabulous ..and look at it!OMG its so pretty!(Sorry.Kinda conflicts my own arguments there,but also proves that I’m not an alien..*peace*).This was a giveaway by UniverCell stores for an Indiblogger Meet!It arrived when I’d forgotten all about it,making it way more fun!and its so adorable how Soumya took the time out to sign each copy of the letter!Cheers,and Thanks,IB!
So,life’s pretty huh?!;)
Stay blessed.Keep smiling.Thanks for reading!
P.s:Remember the thing about climbing parapets I’d mentioned in my earlier post?well,our college has this garden on an overhang above the central lobby,situated one storey high…So we’d just climbed into it,just for the craziness’ sake!


I know,I know,the image is all spoiled-looking,but we were kinda busy with selfies and had this sudden urge to jump out here,so this is retrica’s rear camera for you!
PPS:The “I’ll start studying from tomorrow onwards”thing,doesn’t work.At all.:( I’ve been trying to,unsuccessfully ofcourse,but there are so many distractions bwahaha!So,now I might try “I’m gonna study,today.”!Hope that works!


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