Healthy Kids,Happy Homes!

I’m my daddy’s little angel,and momma’s bundle of joy(yes,I sound a lot like a pampered parents pet.But yes,Parents Pet it is,and proud!),and half of the raucous laughter and noise emanating from home is courtesy me!My younger brother is like a monk,the quiet and calm personality,provided he gets his hands on the TV remote!Fair warning:If you attempt to,or say,succeed in(which is very far-fetched) getting the remote away from him,Beware,for you have awakened the Beast Inside!Kidding.But you know how kids are these days…for television and computers!I’d rather read a book or two!But then again,thats me,I’m,as they say,a wee bit different;and straying,off-topic,at the moment!So,getting back,lets just begin:
So,the other day,Dad is joking around,and I usually join in,with the end results almost always being complete cacophony!But that day,I dont feel upto it!I dont feel good at all.Its just a mild headache and some very tiring travelling,but the effects are very much obvious!
Dad went on to other mundane things,like,to his stuff,but mum had this worried expression on her face!The next moment,I see her enter the room with this huge bottle of “Dabur Chyavanprash” and a biggggg spoon!
No offence meant,but I’m NOT. a fan of healthy food,and it was but obvious that I made a face and began spewing excuses to not have the said “health supplement!”
Now,you might hear about this from a lot of parents,what with it being healthy,and containing Amla,known to be one of the best anti-oxidants,and Guduchi,known to have imuno-modulatory properties,and more than 40 other natural ingredients!Parents dig this kind of stuff!But as an end-user,I need to evaluate the product for myself don’t I?!
So,with all the courage that I could manage to muster,I ask for a taste of the chyavanprash!
A minute or two later:

I ask for some more!
I kid you not.It really tasted good.Like,when your taste buds are tired of the same old spices and greasy foods,going herbal feels so good!
Again,I kid you not when I say that mom makes me eat it everyday,and I gobble it up without any complaints!(Yours truly is a very good girl you see!*wink wink*)
It is said to increase immunity 3 times,and thus keep away illness.
Know more about it here at
This post is a part of IndiBloggers new initiative,Happy Hours.
Stay healthy,stay happy.And the next time your mum offers you a spoon of this herbal goodness,don’t decline.You don’t need to miss out on its benefits!Plus,as Mother Gothel rightly tells Rapunzel(Probably the only appropriate thing she does the entire movie!Oh we all hate her dont we?!Grrrrrr.),”Mother knows best!”.(Seriously,if you did not get that reference,you should really brush up your Disney Movie knowledge.This one’s from Tangled,by the way!)
Thanks for reading…wishing you a healthy healthy today,and a healthier tomorrow!Also,don’t forget to use the hashtag #ImmuneIndia on twitter when you give this a shoutout!Thanks
Stay blessed.


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