Truth prevails!

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So,Indiblogger always has been the one to provide amazing food for thought to me.This topic actually did not need a lot of thinking.”Kitna chain hota hain sacchai mein”!That,my friends,is Oh So True!So,Indi Blogger prompted us to tell a story where telling the truth,or taking the high road,actually helped us more than we could have ever imagined;Or,if it didnt help that much,whether it even helped us sleep better at night,atleast.It has been proven that what helps one sleep better at night,might not essentially feel the best at the very moment,but always turns up to be beneficial in the long run.Taking the high road,always helps.

I know I know,as teenagers,lying is almost second nature to most;(not being judgemental,or,you know,a bitch:just saying ).Nahin nahin,I do not blame overprotective parents,stupid society,cliche beliefs or the Great Indian Mentality overall,for this decline in moral values,a steep one at that!Nor do I advocate myself as a saint who always speaks the truth,the only truth or nothing but the truth!No sir,not that smug:yet!(Kidding,don’t judge me!People say you should always preserve a bit of your childhood.Always.)But,mere pet mein kuch tikta hi nahin!(Nothing stays from my folks,or,the people I love the most.)The conscience is a mean one,in yours truly’s case!And,trust me when I say that its okay to bear the consequences than  go through the guilt trips,because,they.are.ugly!!!!

So,there’s this one incident which comes to mind in particular,where telling the truth actually saved my butt,and landed me a really sweet deal,which I couldn’t have gone without!!Quite literally,the truth saved me. Sometimes when telling the truth could get us into trouble, we tend to lie or omit details to avoid it. Although this seems like a great temporary solution, it weighs on our conscience. This was one of those times when telling the truth mattered more than anything else,in the long run!Being an extrovert is not always a good thing.Especially when you have too many friends and not enough time to hang out with all of them.So,this one time,there was this one person whom I really hit it off with:we had interesting conversations about anything and everything,for hours and hours.We were so alike,and yet so very different!!!Needless to say,we planned to meet up on a particular day.All was hunky dory,and we were both very excited to finally meet the kindred soul we had found in each other.But,destiny had other plans.

It turned out that my cousin  was coming down from Pune that very day!Needless to say,I couldn’t meet him,as the favorite cousin featured way higher on my priority list.(Then.I dont regret saying this,but,People Matter.I am an extrovert;albeit one with filters.Yes,I am an extrovert with filters!I have priority levels,and I can’t change that.) I could’ve stalled,or ignored him.Or worse,lied to him and gone off to have fun with my cousins.But,I don’t know  what came on me that day,but i decided to tell him the truth.Instead of lying or spinning tales,I told him that I was going to the Station to receive my cousin.

It felt oddly relieving,to tell the truth.The hours passed,and I almost forgot about the incident,as I danced around the house,getting ready to meet her.As usual,I reached the station five minutes after the train was supposed to arrive;late,as usual.After the usual ritual of screams and hugs and joyous cheers and tears,we were leaving the place,when I heard my name being called through the crowd.

“Hey” he said.

And I was so relieved that I hadn’t resorted to lying!He had had to come there because of some last minute work,and even he hadnt expected to run into me then!Imagining how awkward the situation would have been if I had lied,almost made me blanch.Needless to say,Disaster.Averted.Like A Boss!!!

Today,I can’t imagine life without him.He has become the best friend I can share all kinds of gory,mushy stuff with!I shudder at the thought of how my life would’ve turned out,had I not told the truth that day,three years ago!

Cheers to “sacchai”.

Thanks for reading,much love.Oh,and,Happy Holidays!



6 thoughts on “Truth prevails!

  1. Disaster Averted ! Quite a close shave 😀 ! Sometimes telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making them smile. ‘An extrovert with filters and priority levels’ ? That was quite funny 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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