The Story Of And!

Blog for #UseYourAnd and Take a Stand

“You can be either a good wife OR a surgeon”

“Decide if you want to be a good daughter OR an actress”

“Choose between being a banker OR being in a band”

Haven’t girls everywhere heard this or a version of this ultimatum? Where it looks like you are being given a choice, but it actually is a thinly veiled ultimatum?

#UseYourAnd activity

Gillette Venus and BlogAdda want us to break out of the shackles of OR and embrace the AND within ourselves. Yes you can be an engineer AND a baker AND a social worker. Our life as a woman is composed of many such ANDs, and it’s time we celebrate the sum of everything we want to be AND can be.

BlogAdda has invited bloggers all over the world to #UseYourAnd and blog to put an end to the one-dimensional labels that limit our potential.
They urge us to tell us our story or an inspirational story of a woman we know that defines #UseYourAnd.“This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.
Reading this,the first person that came to mind,who exemplifies the UseYourAnd activity,is Mrs.Poonam Deshpande Ma’am.Well ofcourse,she will humbly deny being extraordinary.But,there are people who make even the most ordinary things seem extraordinary,by managing a whole bunch of them together.Ma’am is one of those blessed few.Let me introduce you to her before I gush on about how awesome she is:


Meet Mrs.Poonam Deshpande,one of my favorite teachers from college!Ma’am is not the kind of person who will confine herself to a single one dimensional label.She is a maths professor(Awesome one,at that),and a passionate music lover,and a full-time mom,and the head of department for humanities,and an encourager for a thousand odd kids who had the good fortune of being her students,and support system for all her kids,and a student at heart!Phew!So many things:and yet she manages to juggle all these with good grace!How admirable is that?!!!-Very.I know.Very.
If one looks at her qualifications,they will be amazed to see the vast amount of efforts she had put in then.
1. M.Sc., M.Phil. In pure Mathematics (India) – M.Sc. pure maths from Mumbai University and M.Phil from Madhuri University
2. M.Sc. In Financial Mathematics. University of Leicester, UK
3. Pursuing Ph.D. In Financial Mathematics from Sharda University
Even today,when someone else would have been overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of being the head of an entire department and a professor to 300 errant kids at the same time,she is pursuing a PhD in a subject as difficult as financial mathematics(yes ma’am maths is still very difficult for us poor mortals!>_< God bless us all in math)
The best part about her,is how humble and forthright she is,despite all her achievements and laurels!Every year,as a fresh new batch of engineers-to-be joins Atharva,she is there for the kids who are intimidated and awed at once,by the pressures and pleasures of Engineering!She will be the most supportive person,with whom you can share all your problems with,and she will be strict enough to show you your mistakes as they occur!When asked about her incredible work,she attributes it to “Time management skills,and life skills she learnt while pursuing her academic qualifications,and Sai’s blessings!”
I am so glad to have the opportunity to write about such a humble,pious believer,who makes us believe in ourselves,all the time!Thanks for all the times you have encouraged our innovations.Thanks for the inspiration,the leadership qualities that we learnt from you,and the decent score in applied mathematics-2 which I couldnt have gotten if you hadnt taught us those tricks!
These are a few aspects of her amazing personality,which I have noticed over the year;and I know there are many more incredible facets to her which will be equally amazing.We have recieved appreciation from you umpteen times.(She never fails to appreciate efforts-both from the winning AND losing team.)!Its time we give some of it back.So,here’s to ma’am!This post is a small token of appreciation and gratitude for you ma’am.Hope you like it!I know you will!
P.s:To my other readers,thanks for reading.Much love.Have a great weekend ahead,stay blessed!
This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus


11 thoughts on “The Story Of And!

  1. Sagarika. ..This is just an amazing write up. Thanks for all the kind words but you know I always say that the credit is to you all as because of you students, I got a chance to be a Teacher. The fact that you all think of me as a good teacher is because you all give me a chance to keep on improving my skills. You all keep me on my toes so that I can deliver better every time in the class. I won’t forget to mention that my inspiration and support system has been my dear husband Manish Deshpande, my son Harsh and of course Saibaba. I thank you for all the appreciation you have showered on me. I am indeed speechless. My blessing are with you forever. All the best for your future blogs.


  2. Each and every word sagarika wrote about poonam ma’am is true. Sagarika you felt all this as a student but the same I can say about her being a colleague. She is a great leader as well as a good friend too. Last but not the least she will always be a source for inspiration for me……

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  3. Awesome Post ! Really Inspiring … Quite the Role Model To follow ! Wish we had someone like her in our College, then maybe Fourier teaming up and ‘transforming ‘ with Laplace wouldn’t have been a fatal combination for us mortals !! 😛

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