Is Laundry Only A Woman’s Job?

India is home to equal opportunities for both men and women and gender equality has become the cornerstone to our growth as a society.
However, while India is working towards equal opportunities for all at the workplace, there continues to remain a high sense of inequality between men and women within the household, particularly when it comes to household chores. With ‘laundry’ being the face of this inequality, It’s time to raise the question -#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob

It’s time for us to break out of the stereotypes of laundry, which has always been on a woman’s to-do list.Is Laundry only a woman’s job? You decide!
This video from ariel’s new campaign, ”IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob” says it all:

To me, this question sounds absurd, maybe because it has an immediate answer: Obviously not! (with a duh attached to it!) I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I call myself a liberal person. A liberal person, mind you, and not sexist. Gender bias, to me ,seems like an absurdly ridiculous idea: In my humble opinion, all the supposedly daunting tasks that men do, can be done equally well by women as well; I wouldn’t go as far as saying that women would do them better, for that would be overstepping my bounds, and venturing into feminism! These are some of the telling household statistics that emerged in Ariel’s survey conducted by AC Nielsen. statsariel

They show the bitter and astounding truth about gender bias in India. I was astounded when I saw these statistics, I kid you not! This might be because of the environment I have grown up in.
I am not bragging when I say that my Daddy is a superhero. Since I was five, or well , actually ,from as long as I remember, I have grown up seeing my dad and mum work shoulder to shoulder, in anything and everything: from cooking to cleaning, and including all things in between. Yes, I kid you not, Dad can do all the chores that are supposedly “mom’s” area of expertise. (Only thing he can’t do, is rolling out perfectly circular rotis! He always ends up making weird maps of India all the time: which is way better than anything I can manage!). Also, Mom can do all of Dad’s stuff, equally well! I’m proud of ‘em both, but they keep complaining about how their independence and interdependence has made me extra dependent on them. I cannot, I repeat CANNOT do most of their chores for my life! I’m learning, ofcourse, so, yeah ,that counts!
Coming back to the question, Is Laundry really a woman’s job only? When it comes to showing a woman’s daily routine, be it in ads, TV shows or movies, washing clothes is an activity that is never left out. Why talk about fiction, when most of us have grown up seeing the women in our house sweat for hours, doing the laundry for the whole family. Washing machines made the job a little easier, but using the machine and drying clothes is still the prerogative of a woman, whether she is working or not. This is what the campaign at BlogAdda says. I disagree. Atleast at my place, I have grown up seeing two people share chores, always. Ofcourse, mum left her job for the sake of “acchi parvarish”! (sigh! I’m a pampered kid, what else can I say?)Even that decision was made purely on the basis of logic, and because I was a bit prejudiced towards dadda as compared to mommy;so it was mostly mum doing chores while dad was away working. On weekends, the scene is entirely different at my place: Dad and mum cooking in the kitchen, us helping out, while everyone catches up on each others’ lives! Weekends are the best. Even today, as we grow up, chores are shared, by me and my little brother, irrespective of the gender stereotypes associated with said chores- he cooks better than I can, I can do the cleaning better than him, and so on!

CAM06211-1That’s my daddy,doing the laundry on some odd day because mom was out,maybe,or too tired:I don’t remember now.This post is not a contradiction to the campaign,but a new outlook,a new point of view which can work wonders if implemented in every household!True,India is plagued by a gender bias,and that things aren’t all hunky dory right now:but there is always a few exceptions to the rule!I am proud to be  the pampered little kid of one such amazing exception!Thanks momma and daddy dearest,I owe my awesomeness to you-all of it!Someday,when there will be a lot of posts lamenting about the general situation in our country(none of them untrue or exaggerated,I accept),I hope this little post of mine will bring a smile,and a ray of hope and pride to tired faces!

Thanks for reading,my lovely lovely people.Your support means so very much to me.I’ll be back soon with a couple of interesting posts this week,so stay tuned.I know you will.Much gratitude,and much love!You guys are the best!Thanks.Have a great day ahead.

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

P.S:Let’s hope Daddy dearest doesn’t find this picture of himself,for he doesn’t like me bragging(Bad Manners,you see?),and snooping around clicking pictures when people are not looking!I do both though,anyways!Pampered kid,remember? *wink wink*


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