Kindness and Compassion!

I know,I know,nobody talks about ideas like kindness and compassion anymore-The world is a rat-race,where everyone follows the motto of “To each his own!”,and more often than not,people do not have the time to even stop and think about these basic traits of humanity that make us who we are!

As you very well know,yours truly is a daydreamer,a hopeless romantic:which obviously means that the notion of evil exists for me only in fairy tales,only to have a change of mind and heart later,to live happily ever after!(I know,its my naivety,I need to grow up,and look at what the world really is,but I do sincerely,honestly believe that it could be a better place-It could be everything we want it to be!And its my experience,that the Universe never disappoints!)

The world is rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and all things pretty for me,and it works fine!Actually,Life’s grand,the way live it!People call me a kid all the time,and there are times when my overthinker of a mind,and exaggeratingly oversensitive drama queen of a heart suffer due to unnecessary bouts of rudeness,but that’s really fine!If you see me anywhere,and I know you,even through acquaintance,or some long lost connection,you CANNOT dodge a smile from me!Heck!I wave at people on roads and other vehicles from vehicles:buses,cars,even bikes! Ofcourse that earns me weird looks from all over the place,but if something pleases your heart,go on ahead and do it,flaunt it to the world,and wear the frowns like crowns!(I’m in an uber philosophical mood today,so bear with me pretty please)

I remember seeing this quote going all over the internet:Kindness doesn’t cost a thing!Sprinkle that shit everywhere!

I have taken this quite literally,and I would love that all of you lovely people do it to!Lets make it our mission to sprinkle this world with an overdose of compassion!This might sound very cliche,but I always wonder why there’s such a shortage of the basic virtues that make us amazing!I mean,it takes the same amount of time to do something good,something compassionate,instead of being mean!If one word,one little gesture from you can lighten up a sad face,and brighten someone’s day,why is there even a choice except to be good?And,I kid you not,it feels sooo good,to be good,and to spread smiles!

Imagine yourself making someone’s day,just by a simple gesture,for which you didnt even have to go out of your own way!Felt good didnt it?I knoww!=D Beginning with simple gestures like a “good Morning” or even a “Hello” with a smile,to everyone you meet,from the watchman to your driver,and to your boss,can give you an idea of how compassion can brighten your day more than anyone else’s,and that too,without any extra efforts!(With all due respect,and loads of love,to chocolate,I would say that compassion works even better than chocolate!)

Today,on the 20th of February 2015,a thousand voices of bloggers from all over the world come together to speak for compassion!Try it once,and practice it every damn day,for it really does nothing but goood!

On that note,peace!

And loads of love!Thanks for reading,you people mean so much to me!

#1000Speak for compassion!


3 thoughts on “Kindness and Compassion!

  1. There are many reasons why I found this post about kindness and compassion sweet and charming !

    1. Its True πŸ™‚
    These days people have forgotten what it feels like to both practice compassion as well as
    appreciate compassionate acts towards them, without a sense of obligation and/or the perennial ‘whats-in-it-for-them O_0’ !
    A warm ‘thank-you’ to the librarian for extending my favorite book, is often reciprocated with a blank stare !
    Unfortunately, genuine Compliments are no longer considered a kind gesture… but a pretext for ‘Ok, so what do u want from me ?’

    2. Its adorable.
    How often do you see someone go out of their way to make someones day … and that too someone she hasn’t met in a long time? How often do you meet someone who actually gives-a-damn and helps you neither expecting nor demanding something in return ? Kindness is one of the few qualities that comes
    without a ‘price-tag’ !

    3.Its what makes us human.
    Although it is impractical and illogical to assume that ‘evil exists only in fairy-tales’ and all people live ‘happily ever-after’, the absence of such a fantasy would make our world a cold and a dark place to live!! Its always comforting to know that someone, somewhere out there actually cares for you.

    Sometimes its better to be a kid living in a world full of rainbows and unicorns, that way we could live a simpler and happier life.

    P.S Sorry for the long comment, got carried away :\ Enjoy reading your posts, Keep posting πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks a lot:)
      And dont worry about the length of the comment…you are one of my favorite readers,and your comments actually bring a smile:) The longer the comment,the brighter it is!So no worries there!Totally agree with your points as well,but change begins from oneself,and I believe one day everyone will appreciate it if I keep on being good O:)
      Oh,also,it would be amazing if you checked out my poetry blog and let me know how you find the poems.
      Awaiting your comments there as well(:
      Have a great day!


  2. You write poems too ? That’s really intriguing ! #Respect πŸ˜€ It’s a good sign that you take some time out occasionally to think, reflect and express something that most of us neglect doing. It also develops an ability to see things that most people are blind to. Honestly, I’m no expert at poetry… I dared to open an Edgar-Allan-Poe book once, and …*sighs woefully* didn’t even get past 10 pages 😐 Still will check out your blog , and try my best to understand it πŸ˜› Have a great Day ! πŸ˜€


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