Of Strength and Self-Reliance!


It’s been a while,since I’ve written down something apart form impromptu poems!No,don’t get me wrong-it is not because of lack of interest,or of ideas!I’ve a million of ’em swimming in my head any given time!It’s just that,life has become so busy and hectic,in all its exuberance,that I hardly get time to put these ideas into well-formed blog posts!

The first thing that I would talk about,is ofcourse,the weather! (I know,I know,you are fed up of everyone talking so damn much about the weather;but,isn’t that one always,ALWAYS,a good conversation starter?)

It feels like the Gods have skipped summer altogether!From winter to yesterday’s drizzles,it was a surprising change in climate,and not quite unpleasant either!(that is,if you leave out all the muck and dirt and all those nasty nasty headaches!)I’d wanted to experience such beautiful weather in hot sultry March,since forever!I guess miracles do happen,then!

Moving on,its been ages since I participated in a HappyHours from IB,but this one really caught my eye.The advertisement is so beautifully done,it’ll bring a tear or two,almost always!(Trust me on this one.Saw it thrice,and my eyes teared up all the three times!Touching,yes;and am I a crybaby?? NO.)


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