Starting anew

The internet and all other media are constantly reverberating with advertisements from a new brand called
One such advertisement stated,”Tell us about a time when you took a bold step, and brought about a big change in your own life. Share your story with the world using #StartANewLife. At Housing, we love change – good change! Change signifies that we’re moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be. We want to read stories of how you’ve affected change in your own lives and started over, started anew. It could be the story of the first time you moved away from home to live on your own, the first house you bought with your own hard-earned money, moved cities to chase your dreams, or moved away to leave the past behind. Share your anecdotes with everybody using #StartANewLife, and you could just be the inspiration for someone else embarking on theirs!
This urged me to write about my own experience.Summing such emotional stuff in 400-500 words is naught impossible, but it’s not an easy thing. I had to pick one of the many stories that I could share.
This entire week,I have been so busy having fun in the college festival, Rhythm’15, that I didnt even get time to post a Thank You Note,to all those who made by birthday oh-so-special! College has become a second home, eventually, over the weeks. I had never dreamt of this happening, since college for me meant only something which had to be bunked, all the while. Junior college was a burden, with me attending only a few lectures, that too when I was under a compulsion to do so!
During admissions,the stupid system (to be honest, it is a bit stupid!), no hate, only peace!, had driven me into a darkness of chaos and frustration. Deep, dark words I know, but I cant help it. I seriously can not. So, I had an opportunity to enter an engineering college which is said to be a bit better than mine, but could not, because I belong to the much unlucky, open category! (Stupidity,I tell you!)
So, when I ended up at Atharva, I must admit I wasnt all that satisfied, with where I ended up.
Today, I have found heaven- friends who have turned into family, and this place, which I would keep coming back to,ages after

Sagarika Naik:)


One thought on “Starting anew

  1. Thats a really cool story, college can be a bit daunting at times, however the pleasure of being in the company of people who cheer you up, who make you laugh and who become an integral part of your life does make the institution a second home !! The friends we hang out in college do shape our lives; so good friends must be held onto for dear life 😀 Admissions are stupid; Agree with you on that one, however sometimes things happen for a reason. That reason may not be apparent at the time, however as time passes by everything becomes crystal clear. Your story was nice although you could ve chosen something better…like the first time you read a fiction novel or the first blog you posted or the first time you decided to meet someone who had a profound impact on your life !! Enjoyed reading, do keep posting 🙂


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