So,I have been quite inactive on wordpress lately,because pf all the work,and fun.I feel uhmm..different.The words used to flow effortlessly,earlier. Today,I’ve got a list of topics I should’ve talked(written) about, which is still residing in the back of my mind,instead of here,its rightful place!I feel the need to write more often, because I know, this is not a “writer’s block” issue.To be honest,I have done a lot of writing lately-Captions for Rhythm’15, articles which were later published online and in newspapers,(wohooo,my words in print.It was an amazong feeling, but the folks at Absolute India managed to dampen that by making a whole lot of typo’s and grammaticals!-_- So much for good grammar! Phew:( ), and loads of poems! (Oh the poetry!I love it! The way it comes to you at unexpected momemts, and you are overwhelmed by how beautiful those words are-Them feels! If you still haven’t read any of my poetry,check it out here-

So,before I get carried away, which I almost always do, lets get back to the topic.We were out clubbing, last saturday, (Will post about it-About the parts I remember!>_< Maybe not.) and, I see these huge billboards by Housing every few minutes. They have a very optimistic outlook, these young people at housing- with hashtags like lookup, and starting again, and together, and some really pretty photographs which would make us girls go “aww”!

One of those pictures showed a couple starting anew, with the word Together featuring prominently in the background.Heck, I dont think I described it well enough.See for yourselves-

That billboard gave positive vibes.And made me think about being “together”!There we were, a group of nine odd friends, each entangled in their own problems, yet hanging in there, trying to figure it all out. None of us has it all figured out- we are a bunch of ignorant twenty-somethings trying to find a way!And, having fun on the journey!Them feels!

We ended up having the time of our lives that day! In the end, the problems, and the failures and misunderstandings, and even heartbreak didn’t matter, because in that moment, we were together!

I was going through a rough patch myself,when Saturday happened to me,as a pick-me-up! No matter how messed up your situation is, an evening with friends, or your loved ones, or even a quiet walk in the park with your momma, helps you to get the courage to jump back into the chaos and fight for it!

We had a girls nightout planned aftewards. Nothing fancy- just ally besttt friends, (well almost,since I’ve loads of best friends:the ones that matter,not just namesakes,if you get what I mean…and I feel really blessed to have em all!), so, yeah, them, and music, and some food!We did nothing fancy or superfun,that night- no games, no movie marathons; but still ended up sleeping at six thirty in the morning-just talking, listening to beautiful music,singing along, being philosophical, just vibing! Honestly, many hearts were healed that night. That sense of togetherness was what gave us the strength to get up,and function, albeit like zombies,since we were rolling on barely an hour or two of sleep, despite all the difficulties!

I gotta go now(Sorry for the slang,but thats how we roll babe: #ThugLife) Stay tuned for more,pretty please.

If you found this post as shitty asthe amount of “clueless” I felt while typing it out, Maaf karo ji, because, hangover!

They say never apologize about what you write,bu I love ya’ll and I feel guilty if I feel a certain post is not up to the mark.So, will do better next time,until then, check out my poems, bombard me with questions on, live a little,maybe, and enjoy life!

Good vibes and sunshine:)


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