Good Vibes

Heylo world,

Not looking for sympathy,but I write this with Frank Sinatra playing in the background,soothing, or trying to soothe my fraying nerves, as I deal with Life at the rate of fifty wtf’s per second! Life is amazing- with Rhythm just over,and the festive season just kicking in,and loads of other things I’ve got going for myself, but (Yes, there’s always a but), it’s a roller coaster ride,ain’t it? My laptop screen broke this weekend,plunging me into a state of perpetual heartbreak and longing for four longggggg days before I finally got a new one!My cute little minions badge got stolen the other day,and there’s still no sign of it.I should probably stop hoping that I would miraculously get it back,but the optimist in me says “Hang On”!But,honestly,what kind of vile creature that feeds on innocent souls steals a minions badge?Why?!!!! Moving on,before I get nostalgic about the minions,I have a truckload of assignments to borrow,copy,complete,invent,print and submit, and I don’t even know the fullforms of half my subjects.(Don’t chastise me for this,pretty please,as I have got enough of THAT from Mommy Dearest!)To top it all off,yours truly has been diagnosed with an eye infection!!!Nothing to worry about,hopefully,but still irritating af!It’s because of pollution, the ophthalmologist said!Let me tell you one thing about eye drops that are meant to soothe your eyes: they HURT!

So,Life isn’t exactly a long island iced tea right now,but, there’s always the highs to look forward to:my hdd finally arrived today!It’s a robust Transcend StoreJet-1TB of free space for all my movies and tv serials!It’s funny,and reassuring,how little things make us happy!It just strengthens my belief that being happy is a choice,and a necessity in the journey of life,rather than just being the end of the road!(Deep,deep thoughts I know.I don’t know whether you get it,heck, I don’t even know how exactly I’m managing to interpret it differently every time I think about it!)Speaking of the little things that make us happy,here’s how a normal day begins,for me:

Time:LATE.Always late.usually after hitting the snooze button thrice,atleast.

Groggy eyes blink in the mid-morning (or,afternoon) light,as I finally find my phone somewhere underneath all the toys and pillows.After I find the Wi-Fi switch,which thankfully,is within accessible distance from my head,the routine involves a few more blinks,followed by opening the revered whatsapp,to be greeted by a dozen “good mornings” and a few group chats.

Next up,is the notifications,which turn my phone into a livewire,dancing in my phone like that cute little doll in the Airtel Advertisements!Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat,Instagram,Wordpress and good ol’ mail-you name it,it’s there,making my phone buzz!

This might be the daily routine for all of you lovelies out there,so you’ll nod in agreement when I say that the Internet plays a major role in shaping up our moods,and our days!That is one of the reasons why I tend to look at stuff that would make me smile and lift my spirits,the first thing in the morning!The Internet’s full of gruesome things,agreed.But it’s home to some of the best places to get positive vibes too!One such page that lights up my facebook timeline is “Atharva Diaries”.An attempt on the lines of “Humans Of NewYork”,this page always brings a smile,because of the amusing anecdotes from faces I have seen in and around campus!I have always been a strong believer in the fact that every face has a story behind it.These lovely people at Atharva Diaries have given words to the faces,telling stories that the world seldom knew!Such commendable work!Call me a stalker,or a hungry-for-good-vibes desperado, but I like every single picture of theirs!(just like hony and grammarly,but this feels different because I see those faces around,and that makes it all the more real,and touching!)You can check ’em out at

Another thing that never fails to bring as smile on weary faces is the incessant cyber stalking by some of my seniors,of their friends ofcourse- nothing offensive,just silly comments on really old photographs!The timeline is filled with really cute/kiddish photographs of these mature-looking, not-so-mature individuals!Sometimes,stalking has its ups!The way I look at it,all those kids have now grown into successful men and women,all busy being important and really busy,but they are still those little one’s at heart!:”).Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy as an aww escapes my lips.Cant help it,I’m the DayDreamer supreme,remember?Also,They have to be applauded for being such sports and taking it all in the stride.I say all of this after deleting all incriminating pictures from FB first >_< A big Thankyou to all of you who spread good vibes on the internet,because honestly,it doesn’t take any extra effort to be good,and spread the happiness!And,one little act,might make someone’s day,because starting off on a positive note will ensure you have a good one ahead!

Now that I’ve started sounding like a droll philosopher,I think i should probably stop with this,and give a little bit of relaxation to those weary eyes-both yours and mine!

This cute little video is among the many things on the internet that spread happiness. Give it a view at:

Nothing like a tall glass of coke to fight these weary summers!

On that note,I bid adieu for now!

Keep smiling till your mouths ache you goofy faces:) much thanks for reading!Also, go check out my poems at

Good Vibes and Dher saara pyaar:)


6 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. Why are all your blog posts some kind of stupid adverts in the end? Do you actually get paid something to do this? I hope not. You write like a spastic 10 year old.


    1. Correction:Not all my blog posts are stupid adverts in the end.You just manage to stumble upon all the contest-related ones.Thanks for taking out the time to read “all” my blog posts though:)About spastic 10 year olds,you could criticize me in harsher words,and I wouldn’t mind,but please,no mocking those kids!If you mean to say that my posts are crappy,there is a nicer way to put it without being mean and heartless about spastic kids.
      Come off,and maybe you could teach me a trick or two that would help me improve my writing?
      P.S:I do get paid for the contest related posts:)


    2. @Actual Question …There is absolutely no need for you to be rude and insulting to the author of this blog , who is simply expressing her opinion on the events of her life. If you disagree with her writing-style or are disinterested , go someplace else rather than making indelicate comments and upsetting others. #TakeaChillPill

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      1. Thanks for the support abhi:) Once again,the importance of good vibes,see? Your comment did the exact opposite of what the earlier comment did,and it took almost the same time!Hope people understand this like you and I do:)


  2. @Sagarika And yeah, i know that feeling in the morning, activating the Wi-Fi switch does make my phone vibrate like it just had a Heart Attack…Indeed life is unimaginable without these ‘internet-activated-plastic-toys’ that connect us to the world. You have got an Eye Infection ?? That’s Awful. I Hope you get well soon. 😀 TC

    Liked by 1 person

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