Oh Stress!-Of Cricket and Khaana!

So,all of you cricket fans out there will know exactly what I am talking about,as I set out to type this post with shaking fingers,and an escalated heart beat!After the nail-biter that was the CWC semifinal match between RSA and NZ,I cannot help but marvel on the funny things that stress does to people.In this excellent contest between bat and ball,I was supporting South Africa,not since the very beginning,(Since I started watching when NZ were some 160-ish for four,and needed 299 runs in 43 odd overs,because,well,eye infection scenes!More about that later though.),but from before either of Anderson or Elliot had even reached their fifties!Only for AB!AB is bae:”) And crying doesnt agree with him!It almost broke my heart to see him cry,there,in auckland,in the end!Plus,there was the advantage of us playing SA,a task which no more appears as a daunting prospect,since we have already faced them oce,if SA won today.(Yeah,don’t question my patriotism.I bleed Blue.Always.)But watching south africa literally throw away a match that was tipped evenly,has made me realize the importance of keeping your calm in all situations!Life will throw googlies and bouncers on you:It is you who gets to decide whether you behave like grant elliot and lop ’em off for a neat sixer out of the field,or drop the catch,not once,but more than that,like South Africa’s valiant fielders!Quentin de kock’s aim,in those troubling times was also something I can be sarcastic about,but I understand,that pressure takes even the bravest of hearts and gives rise to follies!Unforgivable follies!Fear cuts deeper than swords,Arya says!Ab and Morne crying over the pitch later was such a heart rending sight to see!I haven’t used the “c” word yet,but,South Africa committed the unspeakable crime yet again,this time missing out on the Finals!Fingers crossed for thursday’s Ind-Aus match.Hoping we win,with a huge difference,in a smooth contest.Bleed Blue.And mya the odds be ever in our favor! #WontGiveItBack (Dhoni and boys,please please,pretty please,bring the cup back home?)

Speaking of Khaana,another all important thing during these long cricket matches,I have been munching on any and everything I can lay hands on,during the commercial break during the overs!That includes cookies,ice cream tubs,ghar ka khaana,a carrot or two, and even fruits!During one such break,I saw this advertisement about guptaji’s family,and his innovative naashta recipes!Kelloggs has been an absolute favorite of mine,since,forever! From the planets and stars that comprised of my daily breakfast for three whole years,to the little nugget shaped boats that still swim in my bowl of milk,making breakfast fun, I have always been a kelloggs person! (Call me a kid,I have heard that plenty of times.I am one,always will be one! #KidForever) Plus,no one,absolutely no one can deny that kelloggs cornflakes are just about the yummiest nutritious food they have ever tasted!So,with over a 100 mouthwatering recipes, Guptaji’s family sure knows how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion!And during these days where the cricket fever is at its peak,and no one wnts to leave their cozy corners in front of the TV to fix food for themselves, going to Guptaji’s place for a  new recipe everytime sounds like a treat to the taste buds!Some of their recipes will surely make you drool,and bring a smile to those faces with their quirky names!A few that caught my eye include the “passing the parcel waala naashta”  which includes cornflakes,custard apple,and walnuts!Yummy! Makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it myself!Another recipe thats an absolutely delightful treat to the eyes as well,is the “first crush wala naashta” which comprises of walnut cornflake choco balls!

Check out their recipes here, both on Facebook and YouTube for a little DIY:

 https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.


5 thoughts on “Oh Stress!-Of Cricket and Khaana!

  1. I Agree….Quite the melodramatic ending on the field , which left the audience with mixed feelings 😐 You still eat Kelloggs Corn Flakes O_0 ?? #Cute 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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