I haven’t written prose for quite a while now,so my skills(If any) might be a little rusty,so kindly bear with me pretty please!

“What’s with the dismal attitude?”,one might ask,and maybe they can relate to it better if they see me typing this article out,wrapped in blankets,surrounded by my furry friends,(I caught a cold;the furry friends aren’t real-soft toys),sniffling,and putting this together when I should have been doing a million other things-study for the upcoming end of sem exams,study for my AT class in the morning,take medicines,plan stuff,sleep early,stay away from my cell phone,and oh,did I forget to mention,STUDY!

With a heavy head,and a heavier heart,let me narrate to you an incident which happened today-

So,Dad has got a few investments round town-real estate and stuff like that.He has rented out one of those to this guy who isn’t well,all that well-to-do.He had come around to meet dad,and I happened to be in the room.The man had a haunted,beaten-up look in his eyes,one resembling a wounded animal.(Forgive me for being so blunt and referring to him as the man,but I am trying to distance myself from the trappings of human emotions;and failing ofcourse;read on,and you’ll get me.)His story might be one of the most common stories around-lost his job because his company shut down,not qualified enough to seek employment elsewhere,not young enough to get the qualifications to seek said employment.Has a family to take care of-unemployed wife,two kids,whom he is trying to educate,inspite of all odds.But,the proximity made it all the more real for me.I don’t blame Daddy dearest for the comfortable,protected life that he has always given me,which makes it all the more shocking,and well,plain SAD for lack of a better word,on the rare occasion that I am confronted with the realities of life;but it makes me wonder what I did differently!We were all born squalling and powerless,with a vulnerable little suit of flesh and bones to protect a heart which is even more vulnerable!What,then,did we do differently to deserve all the comforts of life?!Let alone the comforts,what did the poor kid on the sidewalk do,that he doesn’t even have access to the most basic of amenities?!!

I was in a very grumpy state of mind,these past few weeks,battling problems as fickle as boredom,not having enough time to go clubbing with my friends,cursing the engineering course that I took up on my accord,”battling” the vast syllabus for the upcoming exams,and a hurt ego!I dare not even call these “problems”,when I see the daily hardships people have to go through,just to make it to the next day.Pardon me for being overly sensitive,(some might even go ahead and use the term “sentimental fool”),but doesn’t your heart break,looking at the chubby little child begging on the streets,while his elder sister sells flowers on the highway?I’m not saying that we,the fairly well off people,don’t have “real” problems,but I have observed that our problems are almost always,solvable,despite there severity.How on earth does one even presume to solve the problems of the seven year old orphan on the street,who doesnt even know the language properly?!

Ofcourse,dad helped the guy,but,the question that remains is,”How can it all be so unfair?”!!Agreed,there are a lot of people out there who help the poor and the downtrodden,but is that ever enough?Will it ever be?!What sort of cruel jape is this,which makes the poor poorer,with no opportunities to ever redeem themselves?!I promptly called up a few of my friends to ask for NGo’s I might enroll in,because I had this urge to help the world,to help reduce suffering in this big bad world.But,in the end,I’m just a fickle nineteen year old,and nineteen year olds get distracted very easily.I feel like I just had a glimpse of the real world through a tear in the ornate cloth canopy that envelops my life.How long till the stitch is made,and I go back to my uber comfortable life,back to worrying about crushes and heartbreaks and ego problems?Do we really need eye-openers every now and then?!I sincerely wish the answer to this question is a big resounding NO,but we all know,don’t we,that deep down,that isn’t always the case.

One might ask,”How many can you help?The world is crawling with millions needing help!”I would have loved to give a better answer than “One person at a time”,to this,but honestly,I do not see this particular blog post ending on an optimistic note!So much for optimism!

Anyways,let me just contradict myself and dare to hope that the world is not such a bad place after all,and that everyone finally finds there way!

And if it isn’t so,its high time we made the world a better place!Because “unfair” isn’t a very sustainable life condition!

Thanks for reading,and sincerely hoping you made it to the end!Drop me suggestions if you guys are already involved in stuff,you know I’d be happy to help,in every little way possible!


4 thoughts on “Unfair!

  1. Its True…life is unfair. Least we can do is thank our stars for being born in such good happy ‘contented’ families and be grateful for these simple ‘riches’ that money cannot buy !

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