The curious case of the controversial hit-n-run!

However much one decides to stay away from the mundane controversies of life,writing it all off as moh maaya,our esteemed social media never quite allows us that privilege.Take today for example:my news feed on facebook and group conversations on WhatsApp (which I have a habit of checking ever so frequently),were abuzz with opinions,and criticism and jokes and “prayers” and statements of unconditional support for, a:the Indian judicial system b:Salman Khan C:homeless people on footpaths and d:the 200 crore rupees that the industry is supposed to lose due to today’s verdict.I am not proud of the fact that I encountered various responses,right from downright fanatic,by fans of the doe-eyed superstar who proclaimed that “bhai” was wronged and was jailed just because he is this famous,to stupid ones by the glitterati,spewing nothing but nonsense.One friend of mine proclaimed that “bhai” was a changed man now,and he shouldn’t be punished for a crime he committed 13 years ago.Another cited his various charities;another group laughed it all off,proclaiming that justice was finally served,and then wrote the system off,by saying that he will still walk free,because “this is India”!The laughter resulted in a couple of ardent salman fans leaving the group,to my complete astonishment.Much feelings.

It’s raining opinions here in mumbai,both condemning and congratulating the verdict,and its after effects on the bollywood box office are being discussed with relish.While  A-list celebs rush to salman’s residence to offer him “consolation” (Yes,social media keeps one well-informed of the happenings of the lives of the rich and famous), and all one can see on TV is in depth discussions about the verdict,I wonder why this is such an important topic?!

Is it just another way weary people seek to escape their reality by suddenly becoming experts on morality,the Indian law structure,and the man himself?Not a hypocrite-I am doing the same,because you all know how utterly boring Preparatory leaves are!Honestly,I haven’t seen a lot of Salman Khan’s movies,(scratch that:haven’t seen a lot of bollywood  movies:I only watch the ones which are ehm,not mainstream masala material,for lack of a better set of words.)Also,I am not well acquainted with said “personality” of the man,as I haven’t seen BigBoss,or any of his other reality shows,because honestly my level of tolerance for “that kind of crap” is very low.(Take offence if you may,I called stupid reality show “crap”.)So,I really do not know anything about this messiah of the people who had a change of mind,heart and strategy after running down people on footpaths,killing endangered species of deer for fun and drinking WATER in a club/bar(We all know how unforgivable an offense THAT is!),to help loads of poor people with his hard earned money.(If you detect a degree of sarcasm here,kindly take it with a pinch of salt)Coming back,my absolute lack of knowledge on the said topic,i.e, “bhai jaan”, makes me an expert on the subject entitled to have a loud opinion about the entire hullabaloo!(Indian judgement baka!What anybody’s father goes!aye?)

I think its an utter waste of time,contemplating,rather thinking,or shouting out loud our various view on the matter.Calm down people,no one’s going to listen to it,except for the sole purpose of judging you.Which is what you might be doing at this very movement:questioning my wits,asking why I went to such lengths to waste your time and mine as well to type out this article when i had,well,nothing of significance to add to the discussion!Well,I put my efforts in typing this out,and we dont waste efforts,so well,this stays!Also,it kinda made me realize that almost all the opinions bouncing about on the Internet have nothing much of significance to add to the discussion either,and that is equally soothing and really disturbing in an odd sort of manner!

So,having wasted precious time contemplating the curious case of the controversial hit-n-run,and NOT saying all things I could’ve said as an intellectual:compassion and human rights and all that swagger,I reach the end of this blog post,moving on to better things:sleep!

Oh,before I finish,there’s this rather hilarious status update by an acquaintance who supported the verdict arduously in broken english which drove me bonkers!Ahhh,much entertainment for the day!*ROFL*

Excerpts from the said update,ofcourse meaning no offence to the person who put it up,sic:”everyone knws Thousands of accidents happens daily in mumbai so why to risk ur life. U can live in tent. If u are a worker u have atleast a single peny to buy two three cloth piece near slums. … people very well knw tht becoz accidents can happen and its not in their control.”

There’s more but enough for now.

Again NOT being mean,just trying to spread a few laughs and good vibes on the internet.

Thanks for reading,if you made it till the end!

Honestly though,India is on the verge of having the biggest tax reform in decades as LS clears GST,and all our youth can think about is this controversy!Shame.


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