Airtel_speed matters

Stumbling across came as an eye opener,and I decided to go ahead and give the network a try,just to check what the hype was all about.

All I needed to do was tweet about it,and the sim would be delivered at my place-what better than a free home delivery to for the queen of lazy-world?!Before going ahead and actually booking a sim,I decided to ask around,for reviews and suggestions.Since I am an airtel user myself, I had no qualms whatsoever about the quality of the internet services, as I have been a proud user of the airtel 3g network since the past year or two.

Given the awesome network coverage that airtel 3g gave me, and the speed which enabled me to multitask with ease- skyping with a friend, watching my favorite sitcom on you tube, streaming the latest sports events without buffering and using all social media networks at the same time, without any speed issues at all; I had huge expectations from 4g!

My friend,who has been using it since the past two weeks, says that it works better than the wi-fi network at her place, and given my experience with airtel, I cannot even think of this statement as an exaggeration! I have faced a lot of issues in the past due to slow internet connections: there were moments when i missed out on super sales because my internet sucked, and then there were moments when I typed out a huge thousand word article, straight from the heart, and it got lost somewhere between being a draft to being published on the internet! That was one sad moment indeed!

There are numerous instances where I could not watch my favorite movie, or missed out on many such lucrative deals, only because speed matters, and I did not have a good enough network!When speed matters the most, in this techno savvy world, 4g services had become the need of the hour!Airtel have come up with this smart solution which will surely benefit all users,and also help India progress as a developing nation, with the youth having access to better, faster  and superior internet services!

The new 4g can solve a lot of problems as Airtel is the first telecom operator to come up with the 4G services and it happens across 296 cities across India , virtually a nation wide drive!There is the option of free home delivery of the 4G SIM card as I mentioned earlier, and it is to be available at the same cost as that of the 3G SIM. It is actually just one tweet away – #GetAirtel4G. You can check for the 4G option from Airtel for more details about the same as you get the same data benefits of the existing 3G pack along with enjoying high speed 4G at no extra cost.Check the details here .

Post your reviews about the new network in the comments section.

Have a good day,munchkins!


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