Why did she run?!

It is quite tacky to write a post titled, “why did she run?!” but,here goes!

The Beatles are crooning about Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, I have an exam tomorrow,(of which I haven’t even seen the question bank!), and the universe has just presented me with a superb solution to my woes and worries!

So, it’s a pretty good day, I reckon, to reminisce about Shahrukh’s DDLJ,the movie which turned into a cult, and got romeos all over India,and even across the borders, muttering “Palat, Palat, Palat” under their breath, as it turns twenty!

Twenty years,and that signature tune still makes people go “aww”!!
Thanks for being such a silly daydreamer’s romance that always,always,always had the power to make me feel better:”)

Every time I watch it, ( I don’t watch a lot of hindi movies,but these sappy romantic ones are like my achilles heel!Kal ho na ho:I will watch it with you any day,AND go watch it again at home, and utter a million “awws” and cry like a goof,always always cry! There,admissions like this one don’t embarrass me haha!), so,every time I watch it, the good vibes are back, however depressed I might be!Fairytales like this one indeed need to be cherished! Considering it’s a three hour long movie,and I am not exactly what one would call a “patient” person, watching it entirely at a go means so much more!

I came across this tribute to the film, and, a few “awws” were inevitable! I mean,that signature tune can make anyone go bonkers,right?

See for yourselves!

All emotions aside now,lets move on to the question that has been, by sheer coincidence,haunting me since the clock struck twelve,yesterday:

why did she run?!!!:/
I mean,I do love the movie and everything about it,but,she had permission to go live her zindagi,finally!She could’ve easily booked a ticketto the same destination,in the next train!Why, then,did she run like that?Also,no bag,and,no ticket probably!
Toh fir bhaaagi kyu?!

We are always too teary eyed,to ponder over this question,but,what was the director even thinking? Trust me,the tone of my rant might come off as sarcastic, but to be very honest, I am just being curious!

If any of you figures it out, kindly enlighten me in the comments section!

Also,I have a theory too,but it’s too crazy to be included here!If you want to discuss it,look me up on facebook.

Now,that’s all for tonight, folks!

Have a good one:D

P.S:Here’s to abrupt endings that boggle the mind!

I do,because I can! *shrugs*

Also,thanks to a certain someone who made me write this, in an attempt to hold on to my attempt at attempting to have a different kind of (late) inktober, by posting everyday!

*spock gesture*


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