Human,or Android?!

I came across this really cute video,and it got me thinking… After all the “awww”s, ofcourse!

The smartphone toting species in the video was no exaggeration, at all! Maybe a part of the reason,why the video hit home so hard,is because it is so close to reality!

Instead of making statements about the rest of us,I will tell you about my routine instead.

These past weeks have been a hectic mix of chaos and trepidation, as I had to juggle a lot of things in a very limited amount of time.My routine thus involved leaving home by 10 in the morning and returning to me casa,all exhausted after fighting the battles of the day, by 9 or 10 at night!

After a quick dinner,which mostly involved me staring at the screen,planning the next day,and being a part of disjoint, and disconcertingly vague conversations with my beloved family, (atleast the ones who weren’t busy in their own screens!), followed another hour or two of incessant staring at either the television screen,or that of the computer!As a result,when I dozed off to la la land each night, the total verbal interaction with the people that matter the most, must not even have reached the grand total of a meager 100 words! And mind you, this is just “verbal interaction” that I am referring to. The amount of meaningful, heart-to-heart interactions, has been drastically reduced to tragic negligence!

All of this makes me wonder!Is the apocalypse here,yet?

I mean, how many random acts of kindness do you perform on a regular basis?! Let alone doing it yourselves, how many,do you even witness,in these rat-races that our lives have become?!

Good vibes and positivity in general, which are basic human sentiments, and the feeling of togetherness and harmony, have now become refreshing miracles that are witnessed very rarely!

This reminds me of the movie “I,Robot!” in a vague manner. In an age where the machines are smarter than their creators, it should have been an opportunity for us humans to develop our finer feelings, and re connect with the emotions that make us human!

But instead, we have become this generation where displays of emotions are often caged in tiny screens,in the form of tinier messages!

Emotions are replaced by emoticons,and the real value of togetherness is lost on all of us!

I do not want to sound like a philosopher here,but we really do need to get in touch with those sentiments and emotions that define our natural instincts as homo sapiens!

Have a look at this cute website, where Kissan helps us in growing bonds of togetherness, while we grow the tomatoes that eventually will transform into one of the most essential semi-liquids on this planet-Ketchup!

Before I get carried away,describing Ketchup Mania 101, lets just get back to the topic and try to spend more time with our precious ones.(NOT your smartphone and guitar,you!And yes,not just your dog too…)

I know what I am going to do this weekend,have you figured out your plans for the weekend yet?

Sagarika Naik:)


4 thoughts on “Human,or Android?!

  1. well my baby (dog) is also included in life without screens.. so its all about switching those screens off n turning our very own living / human screen to people.. real people to be precise and not the display picture of people.

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