Made Of Great!

IndiBlogger is a fun blogger’s community which comes up with the most amazing contests! I almost would have missed one of these, the “Made of great” zonal war!

Tata Motors has been very busy lately,with the launch of a new advertising campaign, #madeofgreat starring everyone’s favorite football star, leo messi.The new car,Zica,that was launched promises to be a big player in the near future.

If you stay in Mumbai,you must have seen the made of great billboards and hoardings by now.If not,then don’t you fret, because this website has all of the ingenious ad campaigns that you might have otherwise missed.Check it out at Made Of Great .When talk about being made of great,the city comes to mind,almost instantly.

Well,apart from the fact that Mumbai is my absolute favorite city in the country, and home to a million dreams, I can proudly say, without bias, that this ancient city which is forever young at heart, is simply made of great!

What makes it the most amazing city in India is its drive, design and the amazing way every heart connects with the city.

Mumbai,is a city of dreams,they say, and they are not mistaken.The drive,ambition, guts and gumption of Mumbaikars is unparalleled.From the humble dabbavallahs to the CEOs of some of the world’s most affluent conglomerates, Mumbai has made them all,into what they are, and what they aspire to be!

Every day, as the sun rises over the horizon, shining upon the hopes and aspirations of immigrants and locals alike, the life force that runs through the veins of this city drives perfection home!

A congregation of seven islands,was collectively called the city that is now mumbai.The design is such a brilliant example of how even the tiniest of spaces can be utilized to near perfection. The shanties and apartment blocks in Mumbai house a million dreams.With the sea-link adorning mumbai’s skyline,the city now has an even more efficient network of quick transportation, playing second fiddle to the city’s lifeline, the Local trains.

I might soon start babbling about the awesomeness here,and mind you, I could go on and on and on, but the best part about mumbai is its people.All the millions of souls that reside here, all mumbaikars in spirit.

In this lively city, enchanting things happen;and keep happening.There is something for each and everyone! For example, take yesterday! There were four different events happening simultaneously, that I wished to go to!An anoushka shankar concert in the city, a treat for lovers of the mesmerizing sitar, a Dr.Who fan night for  the Whovians in town, and a pretty little flea market, The Li’l flea at Bandra!

I ended up watching a movie, and going to the li’l flea.More about that later though,and soon!

Moral of the story:there is never a dull moment in mumbai.Chill at Tryst or Royalty, or just drive around carter’s or hang out at the Marine lines, or do some sightseeing at the SGNP, the list will go on and on! So many places to go, so many new people to connect with, and the people here are absolute sweethearts, mind you! So,this is what my city will look like,to a stranger’s eyes.If you have never been here yet, come,and experience Amchi Mumbai, and you will return, part mumbaikar, with an irreplaceable part of mumbai in your soul!



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