Human,or Android?!

I came across this really cute video,and it got me thinking… After all the “awww”s, ofcourse!

The smartphone toting species in the video was no exaggeration, at all! Maybe a part of the reason,why the video hit home so hard,is because it is so close to reality!

Instead of making statements about the rest of us,I will tell you about my routine instead.

These past weeks have been a hectic mix of chaos and trepidation, as I had to juggle a lot of things in a very limited amount of time.My routine thus involved leaving home by 10 in the morning and returning to me casa,all exhausted after fighting the battles of the day, by 9 or 10 at night!

After a quick dinner,which mostly involved me staring at the screen,planning the next day,and being a part of disjoint, and disconcertingly vague conversations with my beloved family, (atleast the ones who weren’t busy in their own screens!), followed another hour or two of incessant staring at either the television screen,or that of the computer!As a result,when I dozed off to la la land each night, the total verbal interaction with the people that matter the most, must not even have reached the grand total of a meager 100 words! And mind you, this is just “verbal interaction” that I am referring to. The amount of meaningful, heart-to-heart interactions, has been drastically reduced to tragic negligence!

All of this makes me wonder!Is the apocalypse here,yet?

I mean, how many random acts of kindness do you perform on a regular basis?! Let alone doing it yourselves, how many,do you even witness,in these rat-races that our lives have become?!

Good vibes and positivity in general, which are basic human sentiments, and the feeling of togetherness and harmony, have now become refreshing miracles that are witnessed very rarely!

This reminds me of the movie “I,Robot!” in a vague manner. In an age where the machines are smarter than their creators, it should have been an opportunity for us humans to develop our finer feelings, and re connect with the emotions that make us human!

But instead, we have become this generation where displays of emotions are often caged in tiny screens,in the form of tinier messages!

Emotions are replaced by emoticons,and the real value of togetherness is lost on all of us!

I do not want to sound like a philosopher here,but we really do need to get in touch with those sentiments and emotions that define our natural instincts as homo sapiens!

Have a look at this cute website, where Kissan helps us in growing bonds of togetherness, while we grow the tomatoes that eventually will transform into one of the most essential semi-liquids on this planet-Ketchup!

Before I get carried away,describing Ketchup Mania 101, lets just get back to the topic and try to spend more time with our precious ones.(NOT your smartphone and guitar,you!And yes,not just your dog too…)

I know what I am going to do this weekend,have you figured out your plans for the weekend yet?

Sagarika Naik:)


Why did she run?!

It is quite tacky to write a post titled, “why did she run?!” but,here goes!

The Beatles are crooning about Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, I have an exam tomorrow,(of which I haven’t even seen the question bank!), and the universe has just presented me with a superb solution to my woes and worries!

So, it’s a pretty good day, I reckon, to reminisce about Shahrukh’s DDLJ,the movie which turned into a cult, and got romeos all over India,and even across the borders, muttering “Palat, Palat, Palat” under their breath, as it turns twenty!

Twenty years,and that signature tune still makes people go “aww”!!
Thanks for being such a silly daydreamer’s romance that always,always,always had the power to make me feel better:”)

Every time I watch it, ( I don’t watch a lot of hindi movies,but these sappy romantic ones are like my achilles heel!Kal ho na ho:I will watch it with you any day,AND go watch it again at home, and utter a million “awws” and cry like a goof,always always cry! There,admissions like this one don’t embarrass me haha!), so,every time I watch it, the good vibes are back, however depressed I might be!Fairytales like this one indeed need to be cherished! Considering it’s a three hour long movie,and I am not exactly what one would call a “patient” person, watching it entirely at a go means so much more!

I came across this tribute to the film, and, a few “awws” were inevitable! I mean,that signature tune can make anyone go bonkers,right?

See for yourselves!

All emotions aside now,lets move on to the question that has been, by sheer coincidence,haunting me since the clock struck twelve,yesterday:

why did she run?!!!:/
I mean,I do love the movie and everything about it,but,she had permission to go live her zindagi,finally!She could’ve easily booked a ticketto the same destination,in the next train!Why, then,did she run like that?Also,no bag,and,no ticket probably!
Toh fir bhaaagi kyu?!

We are always too teary eyed,to ponder over this question,but,what was the director even thinking? Trust me,the tone of my rant might come off as sarcastic, but to be very honest, I am just being curious!

If any of you figures it out, kindly enlighten me in the comments section!

Also,I have a theory too,but it’s too crazy to be included here!If you want to discuss it,look me up on facebook.

Now,that’s all for tonight, folks!

Have a good one:D

P.S:Here’s to abrupt endings that boggle the mind!

I do,because I can! *shrugs*

Also,thanks to a certain someone who made me write this, in an attempt to hold on to my attempt at attempting to have a different kind of (late) inktober, by posting everyday!

*spock gesture*

Airtel_speed matters

Stumbling across came as an eye opener,and I decided to go ahead and give the network a try,just to check what the hype was all about.

All I needed to do was tweet about it,and the sim would be delivered at my place-what better than a free home delivery to for the queen of lazy-world?!Before going ahead and actually booking a sim,I decided to ask around,for reviews and suggestions.Since I am an airtel user myself, I had no qualms whatsoever about the quality of the internet services, as I have been a proud user of the airtel 3g network since the past year or two.

Given the awesome network coverage that airtel 3g gave me, and the speed which enabled me to multitask with ease- skyping with a friend, watching my favorite sitcom on you tube, streaming the latest sports events without buffering and using all social media networks at the same time, without any speed issues at all; I had huge expectations from 4g!

My friend,who has been using it since the past two weeks, says that it works better than the wi-fi network at her place, and given my experience with airtel, I cannot even think of this statement as an exaggeration! I have faced a lot of issues in the past due to slow internet connections: there were moments when i missed out on super sales because my internet sucked, and then there were moments when I typed out a huge thousand word article, straight from the heart, and it got lost somewhere between being a draft to being published on the internet! That was one sad moment indeed!

There are numerous instances where I could not watch my favorite movie, or missed out on many such lucrative deals, only because speed matters, and I did not have a good enough network!When speed matters the most, in this techno savvy world, 4g services had become the need of the hour!Airtel have come up with this smart solution which will surely benefit all users,and also help India progress as a developing nation, with the youth having access to better, faster  and superior internet services!

The new 4g can solve a lot of problems as Airtel is the first telecom operator to come up with the 4G services and it happens across 296 cities across India , virtually a nation wide drive!There is the option of free home delivery of the 4G SIM card as I mentioned earlier, and it is to be available at the same cost as that of the 3G SIM. It is actually just one tweet away – #GetAirtel4G. You can check for the 4G option from Airtel for more details about the same as you get the same data benefits of the existing 3G pack along with enjoying high speed 4G at no extra cost.Check the details here .

Post your reviews about the new network in the comments section.

Have a good day,munchkins!