Gone Girl.

I walked in expecting,rather,assuming it was a Ben Affleck movie.I walked out of the theatre,knowing,without a shred of doubt,that it was a Rosamund Pike movie!


Thats “Gone Girl”for you!I’m not all that good with reviews(more of a fangirling person,I’d say,but here goes!)
So,this was an impromptu plan,I hadn’t even decided to watch this one when it finally released in India!(Thank God I did!I would’ve missed one helluva movie otherwise!)
So,with no reviews but “its got good reviews”reviews,I walked in,to these hugeass recliners,I may add,Ohh we never manage to bag em top rows!Miracle Miracle!And as you might’ve already guessed,I loved it!I loved every bit of the 2 hour-35 minute thriller,enough to want to watch it again,and again!The plot is pure genius,and the execution,both direction and acting-wise,is fantabulous!That devilish smile will be plastered on my face for a long long long time:That is the effect Gone Girl will have on you!
So,the movie begins with Ben Affleck saying stuff that makes your skin crawl..(hang in there,don’t expect racy stuff.I meant crawl in a “not-so-good,psychotic-scares-the-shit-out-of-you” way.)He talks about “cracking open his wife’s skull” to know what she thinks all the time…and what they’ve done to their marriage.The next 30 minutes is a typical Missing Persons case picked right out of any police series on television,with a few flavours of its own,ofcourse:Wife goes missing.Clueless and Cute husband tries to find her,goes to the cops.Smartass cop makes startling discoveries,the story unravels through the missing wife’s diary,which speaks of a fairytale romance gone cold,due to circumstance and neglect.Then comes the grisly part,domestic abuse(A LOT of pushing and shoving!),the growing apart,the almost separation,the extra marital affair,the rich-in-laws who commercialize everything,daughters disappearance included!That is when you begin to realize that this is not your normal Abusive Husbands story,that there are cracks behind this uncomplicated,pretty facade that the lead characters try to maintain.Here’s when all the similarities end,and Gone Girl really propels itself into the kind of movie critics would dig!
Rosamund Pike portrays troubled prize-kid Amy Elliot Dunne a.k.a “Amazing amy”,a character her parents created,effectively plagiarizing her childhood and always making her feel like she was competing with this fictional entity,and losing against her,with great flair.The troubled genius who has a tonne of degrees,and a very pretty,amiable,”America’s sweetheart”aura around her,and a dark,disturbed, smartass mind,has us rooting for her,pitying her,and sympathizing,from the very beginning!
Well everything changes in the later part of the first half!Shocking revelations,which are ohh so mind blowing and pure genius!(But I wouldn’t spoil it for you.),have you at the edge of your seat,in awe of this dark crazy manipulative evil genius that Amy turns out to be!
Intermission came,and went by,and the movie really picked up pace,with everyone’s performances rising in a tempo,getting more intense with every minute.Enter neal Patrick Harris,who we see on and off in the first half too,and the drama just goes to a whole new level!Effective use of sound,and silence,has your pulse racing as you muse over what is going to happen next!
Loads of amazing plot twists later,after this huge climax,the movie crashes around you like seawaves,in gentle waves of sick psychotism.My absolute favorite:The way Ben Affleck holds her when she returns,like two starcrossed lovers,like a modern day rendition of Romeo and Juliet,as he murmurs in her ear:”You.fucking.bitch!”You need to see it to feel it!
I’ve never encountered such a brilliant chaos of human emotions,and manipulative bitchiness,and smart evil genius,as Gone Girl!Whats more amazing is how Pike brilliantly portrays the other side,the softer vulnerable side,of the Manipulative Lady with such ease!We all have our moments of weakness,and we all let our stupid,goofy hopelessly romantic selves to sometimes get the better of our logical minds!Right Ladies?That makes Amy Dunne relatable on a whole new level!The supporting actors,among which the local police detective,Bens sister,and his lawyer are honorable mentions,do a splendid job of supporting Rosamund and Affleck in this masterpiece!Neal Patrick Harris,you just got a notch higher on the awesome scale,bro!Up Top!Very convincing acting by him,finally something serious from our beloved Barney after The Smurfs Series!
For this one time,I am actually glad that I hadn’t read the book earlier,although Gillian Flynn has all my admiration,and I’m sure I’m gonna love the book when I get my hands on it!The movie,is just too good to resist,or neglect!If you have a thing for mystery thrillers,or just classy entertainment in general,then you MUST watch this one,and soon!


With just the right amount of humor:one part light,sarcastic,and two parts dark comedy,and ample thrills,and even a fairytale woven in,alongwith the harsh realities of life as we know it,and this unusual,unique take on marriage,Gone Girl,is THE perfect weekend watch!
I am just gonna go to bed now,replaying the awesomeness in my mind,again,so,thanks for reading,folks.
Stay Blessed.Have a Happy weekend already!
P.s:Fair warning for the weak hearted,beware,for some of the scenes will almost make you faint!I could’nt take the voilence,and had to watch a few of the gruesome ones with closed eyes and balled fists!