Sports For Emotions

Sports for Emotions!
We hear a lot about sports for development(recent satyamev jayate episode,all the other awareness campaigns going on and yada yada yada),but for a hopeless romantic like yours truly,who searches for,and finds,in most cases,the feelings,those unnamed impulses driven by the human mind which make us cry,and laugh,and love and live,it is the emotional aspect of things that appeals to the eye!
I recently had the good fortune of watching the much-talked about biopic,”Mary Kom”,and needless to say,that is what inspired this article,giving shape to a million thought-threads,which were already whirring in my mind!Sports:”An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment“. This might be the real,actual definition of sports,but aren’t they more,much more?All of us have experienced that familiar rush of adrenaline coursing through our veins when a favorite team or individual wins,or scores,or even,competes!Closer home,sportsmen are treated with the kind of reverence and love only reserved for gods!
It is human tendency to be emotional,to be fiercely proud of something,to consciously put one’s entire consciousness behind that idea,that belief,that spirit!What better example to this incredible phenomenon then,say,an India-Pakistan cricket match?!The entire nation unites as one single consciousness,every minute followed by a billion pairs of zealous eyes,every player no longer alone,but a representation of those billion odd souls praying,hoping,cheering,supporting!Even the memories of the charged atmosphere give me goosebumps,as I write this!I can cite more than a few instances of the emotional involvement,and the gradual disappointment-slash-frustration-slash-gratification that these moments bring:The India-Srilanka worldcup finals,oh,the disappointment when the big guns did not blaze,the initial frustration replaced by hope when Virat and Gambhir reached 30-odd runs each,the increased pulse rate when Dhoni walked in to bat,the hopes,the scares,the lub-dub-dubs!The jubilation!The tears of joy when Dhoni finally sent the ball out of Wankhede for a magnificent six and India became World Champions!I remember shouting myself hoarse,and also,not speaking properly for the next two days(the shouting,ofcourse)!I remember the celebrations out in the streets,I remember Dad dancing with joy like he was a Kid!
Another instance,is when Sachin Tendulkar retired!That moment.Nostalgia.Love.Tears.No more words to describe the lump in the throat when it finally sinks in that your living legend won’t be playing anymore,watching your mum weep,literally weep infront of the television!*Memories Break*
So,recovering from that one,(I still remember though,I do,and I always will,most of us will!)I am reminded of the sheer wonder of seeing 4 goals in hardly 10 minutes!Yes,I talk of the Brazil-Germany semi-final now.I’d slept early that day,expecting a mild 3-2 germany win,at the most!The most pleasant of surprises awakened me the following day,as conversations about the match and its unbelievable results poured in!7-1?7-1!!!! SEVEN-EFFING-ONE!!!!! I had to watch(and re-watch) the match to finally believe the wonders klose and his mates had worked!Them feels.:”)
And oh I remember crying with james Rodriguez when Colombia was eliminated,and feeling sad for ochoa,and well,that 113” goal from goetze,which ended a brilliant football tournament,after a brilliantly tough match!I remember crying for messi,and crying tears of joy for germany,together!
And Oh how can I forget that miracle of a match where cory Anderson smashed and pounded away to reach a mammoth target against the Rajasthan Royals?That jubilant surge of pride when this player who had been the best paid underformer finally came around!And how!And that missed beat,when despite all this efforts,MI still appeared to lose!and then the six hit by Tare!Ohh,sweet reminiscence!
Sorry,for I got carried away,with all those memories,and there are sad ones as well,like federer losing,or India losing to Pakistan in the final over,on my birthday,but We Don’t Go There.Not now!All these will strike a chord,what with legendary clashes like FCB-Real Madrid and ManU-Chelsea going on around,and sania winning another title,and virat finally getting his charm back!
One might wonder why the extra bout of nostalgia..well,the movie:Mary Kom!This brings us back to where I actually began,before we strayed down Memory Aisle!Omung Kumar has done a fantastic job of directing this biopic!So much,that it actually had me on my haunches,cheering for Mary aka priyanka in the last fight,a silent spectator with the crowds when she’s on the verge of losing,and then fiercely urging her to get Sasha in the face,when she finally gets up!There were tears too,(there always are,NOT that I’m a crybaby or something,but I’m an emotions-person;p),as our Anthem played in the end,tears of joy and pride!


Them feels:”)

So,in one of my longest ever,I thank all the sportspersons who are a constant source of such joy,and such immense pride,and well sometimes such disappointment(we are,afterall,only human!) for uniting billions,making individual worries and disasters disappear,even for a while,at the sake of their entire lives!Salute.
For you,my dear dear dear darling reader(the extra adorations in the hope that they compensate for the extra length,sorry)a big ThankYou with candy on top,from the bottom of my heart!Hope you had a good time with some of your sports-memories,waiting to hear them form ya’ll,comment them below please.As always,comments and criticisms welcome.Thanks,God bless.
P.S:That van persie goal at 90+4”!*_*.