Near Death Experiences.

So,needless to say,examination season has begun,with a bang,I’d rather say.All my engineer buddies will know how it goes.Or rather,how its going!
There’s magic in the air!Its cold,beautiful,just the right temperature for all the fun in the world..(This could be my prejudice towards winter talking.).Music festivals,Comic Cons,live name it,it’s all happening right now!and unfortunately,this is the only time of the year we are holed up in our study,cramming formulae and theorems which made lunatics(with all due respect,if any,)like laplace and fourier famous!So,here I am,discovering more tv serials to watch(The Originals,Revenge,The 100,Mike and Molly..I watch em all!If it comes on TV,one can be damn sure I watch it!),while my non-engineer(read,lucky) friends are away at the weekender,or at Afrojack concerts!Thank Heavens I atleast get the Comic con this year!(19-21 december peepz,book your tickets.Yes,there are tickets this time!Meh.)By this time,you might be wondering what the aforementioned “near death experience” was,and although death by boredom is an excellent possibility,it’s not that.Not this time..
Well,someone has very correctly stated that you understand the real importance of 40% when you study engineering.Thats right.32(Thats 40% of 80:The passing requirement.),is the magic number,the lucky number for these two months!Its a pretty easy target,in subjects other than maths,ofcourse.So when I walked in yesterday with my mind full of various parts of fouriers and laplaces formulae(I say “parts” because thats all that was left in my head,by the time I left my books behind and actually settled in place!),I realized this:I did not know anything!Major panic attacks one minute before the exam are the worst!!!
Thankfully I realized I had a corner seat on the second last bench!I’m not proud of what happened in the next three hours.Well,Maths,is like a dead weight attached to a sinking man,unless you clear it in the first attempt.It is proven that except only a few glorious exceptions,no one has ever cleared more than one mathematics paper in one semester.All the otherwordly gibberish served in crappy greek,just doesnt serve anyone’s appetite well!If you don’t pass Math in the first attempt,then you are dead,or worse off,as Mathematics papers are mostly back-to-back affairs,and handling two Math courses is just about the end of mental tolerance for any sane person.Also,math has this potential to be a make-or-break subject.If you pass it,or think that you are going to,you gain this confidence which more often then not sails you through the rest of the papers!University exams are like being stranded on a raft at sea!And math,for me,is the storm that comes before the sea calms down,and you can try for the shore!Its all about hanging on to dear life until the turbulence passes by,and one can finally set sail towards that glorious sunset that spells “All Clear” on the horizon!(These are my own personal views.I dont hate maths,I have to face it for one more semester;Its just that,math doesnt agree with me well!No offence meant,whatsoever.Math geeks,peace out.)
Keeping all the above things in mind,when the paper was finally handed to me by the examiner(who appeared to be very strict!#BadLuck),I blanked out!This might be the first time that has happened to me,but then its not unheard of,if one is not thoroughly prepared,with a bombshell of a subject like Mathematics!After a moment of despair and desolation,I decided I did not want to drown.I just needed to hang in there!After a quick survey of the paper and the surroundings(Double dissapointment,I’d say,as I was scraping off barely 20 odd marks here and there on my own.And,barely.Other part:wherever I look,I see people busy at work,some with that troubled expression which I’m very sure mirrored mine,and equaled one of mortal torture,and some with triumphant gazes in their not-slept-for-24-hours eyes!),so,after a quick survey,I knew I would not go gentle into that good night.I would rage,rage against the dying of the light!(Melodramatic,I know,but then,desperate times call for desperate measures!)Thank heavens for yadnya,that angel of a person,who sits next to me,and who,thank goodness,knows mathematics well enough to pass in it,effortlessly!
Two hours,numerous times of craning my neck to peep into her paper,and some basic work from my side later,there I was,with a full paper!Almost 60-65 marks worth of greek in those 16 pages!And I couldnt be more grateful!!After counting,and recounting the probable amount of marks I’d score,(Thank heavens its above 32!I PASSSS…*chandelier dance*),I finally left the exam hall when I saw no more chance to copy any more,or work up some other magic,as the examiner had his eye on me!Like I said,not proud of it,at all,but Thank Goodness I pass!The relief of passing Math is momentous!!!Although,I would find myself going back to the paper every now and then,calculating and re-calculating the combination for the magic 32,which will probably happen till I get the actual results in february!
That brings us back to today,where you find me lazing on the couch watching The Originals,and listening to Taylor Swift’s new album!I’ll go study now,or maybe later!But I will,no mistakes about it,for the storm has passed,and who is foolish enough to brave a storm and then throw it all away to calm seas?!Oh by the way,I’ve got the delux version of 1989,and OMG its awesome!!!Taylor sounds like she has grown up,but never ceases to be relatable at the same time!So,After walking you through this potential disaster which I managed to avert,Thank heavens,I bid adieu.
Until next time,(which might be coming soon,given that I love 1989 and some fangirling sounds exciting.),stay blessed,enjoy!
All the best to all of those facing examonsters!(Includes engineers,The CA fraternity,and even tenth graders!),Don’t worry,happy times are just round the corner!
Thanks for reading.Stay blessed:)
Comments and Criticisms welcome,as always!
Don’t worry,I wont bore you with all the mundane details of my other examinations,unless,ofcourse something eventful happens!
P.s:The chandelier dance thingy was a reference to Sia’s song,”Chandelier” in which she dances like crazy.
PPS:speaking of eventful,I woke up to a text message in a whatsapp group,where this one lunatic posted “solutions” to the math paper!I mean,how absolutely screwed up is that?!!!Who DOES that anyway?!!!Nonetheless,none of the answers matched,and I almost died,but then someone confirmed that those answers were a hoax!So,swearing at that guy,overreacting maybe,I still hold on to hopes,that I PASS!Ye will not drown meyyy puny creature,with all those false nightmares!
After all,optimism is the key!So,yeah,I’ll pass.*deep breath*#OkBye ;p