Band-Aids Dont Fix Bullet Holes!

16th December.It was just another day.Six days ago.It’s still unspeakable.Not more than a week ago,the streets of Peshawar were filled with the joyous hoots of 148 children who no longer exist.Forgive me for being this blunt,but the massacre was a mind-numbing shock to my system;it would be,to any individual with a conscience,any,human being having their heart in the right place!Kailash satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai received the Nobel Peace Prize three weeks ago.That feeling of pride and solidarity and world peace-that feeling which proclaimed that all was finally beginning to be right in the world,that afterall,all hope was not lost,for the children of the world,for a new world order,one of peace and happy smiles and security and all feelings warm and fuzzy-was just beginning to sink in,when,on the 16th,news of a handful of militants brutally shooting almost an entire generation of Pakistani kids shocked and nauseated the world!Oh the irony!Just when Malala’s efforts were finally bearing fruit,just when the beacon of education had begun to shine a new ray of hope towards the poor,emaciated,terrorism-ridden neutralities that most Pakistani civilians are,these flowers were gunned down,viciously and in cold blood,and for no fault of theirs!”This is revenge,against them killing our women and children!”They said.Would it be too much to ask for some semblance of reason in this twisted world?!An eye for an eye….Oh!Nevermind!It would,indeed be too much to ask.This isn’t a hate post against the Taliban.Condemnation,yes,but hate,No.There have been too many of those all over the world already.As crazy as it may sound,I do not want to contaminate the energy around me and my world with more hate.There is enough hatred already,as it is,in a world so vast,yet so tiny!
It is saddening to see the gory details of the massacre.The wails of mothers,the sobs of siblings,the staunch faces of fathers who’ve lost their kid but have to put on a brave façade for the sake of what little of their family they have left,in this cruel,dangerous part of the world,are no different anywhere in the world.Nationality,Religion,and other fickle boundaries aside,why don’t we all realize that we are all the same,deep down?!!Is seeing everyone else as just a part of the human community,just another fellow member of our species,unmarred by any prejudice at all,really that daunting a task?Wouldn’t it be easier if we all atleast tried to adopt this perspective?Does no one realize that we are,for all we know,all alone,the only ones of our kind in this universe,which expands beyond the wildest reaches of all our mundane imaginations,combined?!!And,doesn’t the realization make one thing crystal clear?- That we need to look out for each other,stand up for each other,for there simply is no one else!
The flood of #PrayForPeshawar messages,posts,and the general wave of sentiment which swept the world after the incident was reassuring,at most.There are guns and gore in the world.But the amount of candles and doves overwhelms them,not just in numbers,but in the strength of sentiments and emotions as well.The Pakistani civilians:young and old alike,who stepped out fearlessly to help the wounded and honor the dead,are living testimony to the very fact!No,it’s not enough.It never will be. Nothing will ever be.Imagine this:Your four year old was being his usual adorable munchkin self today-you had to run around the yard behind him to get some breakfast into his belly,and getting him ready for school almost burned away all the calories you had hoped to gain with yours.He didn’t want to go to school today.But you packed his little Disney backpack with crayons and a Reader,and sent him off anyway,thinking that this was the only way,that he would be okay once he reached school,with all the other kids,playing,listening to fairytales,in a safe,pretty place of your choosing.Then imagine yourself looking at the bloodstained,broken face of Mickey from his backpack staring at you from the television screen!
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My heart just skipped a few beats;even imagining this runs shivers down my spine.Pardon me for being this brutal,for no human being deserves such a horrendous fate,not in the worst nightmare,not in the wildest imaginations.The parents of the 148 kids are going through variations of this horror- tale.Everyday.Nothing will ever be enough for them.No amount of condolences,No amount of world solidarity,no amount of anti-terrorist action(or lack of it) is going to bring their little one back,or erase his memories and the mortal wounds on their hearts.But,the wave of sympathy and the sentiments from across the world which proclaimed that we all were there for them in their darkest hour,willing to help them in any way possible,make me all teary-eyed yet again.Only,this time,these are not tears of frustration,or desperation and defeat,and all things dark;but tears of reassurance,in the existence of Good,of humanity,and reassurance in the fact that despite the handful of vengeful people who defile this world,there is,and always be,the good ,spreading love and peace in the universe,for we are a race whose basic instinct is to Love,and to exist in peace,as we have since time immemorial;and that instinct,that warm fuzzy feeling,towers over all the other,darker shades of the human conscience.(Or so I love to believe,and I do,believe.:”) )
As I sign off,all I can say is heartfelt prayers for the little ones who lost their precious lives,for that’s the only thing I can do,right now,with hopes that such brutality would never show its ugly face anywhere,again.
Thanks for reading,Stay blessed,Be Happy.
And,Pray For Peshawar!