I Am!

BlogAdda has given me this opportunity to delve deep inside,and take a closer look at myself.This post is a part of the “#UseYourAND” campaign by gillette in association with blogAdda.Thecontest page at Blogadda read,
Gillette Venus and BlogAdda want you to break out of the shackles of OR and embrace the AND within you. Yes you can be an engineer AND a baker AND a social worker. Your life as a woman is composed of many such ANDs, and it’s time you celebrate the sum of everything you want to be AND can be.

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#UseYourAnd and blog to put an end to the one-dimensional labels that limit your potential. Blog on the themes given below and let the whole world know your story of triumph.

1. Things that define me
Every woman has some things that she is passionate about, things that make her who she is. Tell us about the things that are important to you, the multitude of things that make you who you are, because you can’t be limited by one label.
I couldn’t read any further,after this first topic:I NEEDED to write about it!!!And,PRONTO!
So,talking about the things that define me,or things that I am passionate about,and,well,both:Well-Reading,and,uhm,and,writing,and,music,and,sitcoms and series,and,uhm,sports,especially soccer and cricket,and well;the list could go on;and on,and on!(No Exaggeration!Want me to continue?? :No :Haha!Alright>_<)I am a passionate writer and a voracious reader.I am absolutely in love with the melodies that a few instruments,some vocal chords and just a mouthful of air can create;and,I am a singer of those melodies,(albeit not a very good one I must admit ,I mostly qualify as a bathroom singer;and,and,I hum along with them when I love those pretty pretty words!)One might have seen me humming along,many a time,and written me off as another loon!No Offence Taken!I am a hopeless romantic:I can go all starry eyed at the most mundane of things,and :”AWWWW” is an expression my people are subjected to,almost all of the time;and I can be the cold and calculating logician with a cool head and ruthless heart,at times.(Depends on the weather.And my mood.)I can be the dirtiest mind in the vicinity,and crack jokes at the rate of 100 ROFLs per hour,(NOT kidding.I don’t need to tell I’m funny to tell I’m funny,but,uhm,well.Well that one was lame,sorry.),and I could be the sad little thing who wouldn’t even reward a good gem of a joke with a smile.I can act all professional,and smart,and mature(Mostly on the phone,or while buying stuff I’m not allowed to yet.*wink wink*),and I could be the naughtiest,loudest kid who roars and giggles with unabashed laughter at every little jibe.I can be a believer,believing in everything from the Universe(Legit.) to the Indian Cricket Team(pays off.but not always.) to the eye-popping offers from Food chains(Never believe them.Its just meant to make you buy more food.And make you fat.Thankfully,I never put on even when I hog like a horse.Boo-Yaah!)!And,I could be the worst possible type of cynic!I am a mess of contradictions and an organized,determined person-all at the same time.Oh coming back to more practical things,(since these were the weird emo shizz which people normally don’t tend to share.Oh,that reminds me:I could be the boldest and sassiest of em all,swag anusaar;and still be timid or shy about stupid stuff.),so yeah,coming back to practical things:I am an Engineer-to-be,and,a writer,and a poet,and an actor(only when I need to use the very effective,and age-old technique of emotional blackmailing),and a singer(although bad,and off-key,most of the time),and an orator,and a comedian(not one of the good ones,I should say,myself;or else I would be bragging too much.),and a philosopher when I have had too much,and master-procrastinator,and lazybum supreme,and a hopeless daydreamer,and an overthinker,and a naughty kid by day and a super-secret agent by night(Oops.Shouldn’t have told you that!
*uses neuralyzer*



Now its all fine.Pheww!The hardships in a spy’s life!Woah woah!*Uses neuralyser again* Ok I must go back to the topic now!)
Well,I could go on,and on:but I am a binge viewer as well,and,right now,I feel like a HIMYM marathon.
So,wrapping it up,I just want to advise all of you to Use your AND!Do not limit yourself to one label:for you,my friend,are more!Much more!And,a bit more!

Girly,and not-so-girly at the same time!

Girly,and not-so-girly at the same time!

Thanks for reading.Much love:* This is just an insight into the vast chaos of “being” that I am,like every other person,and unlike each one of them at the same moment.Ofcourse there is more,there always is:But-attention span problems.This is as much as I could put into words in the better part of 20 minutes,without any distractions.Now,there are a million other things running through my mind:So,I bid adieu,for now!
Ps:The lovely lovely people who count all the “ands” in this post get free hugs!Go go go!

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.I thank BlogAdda for th eopportunity,and my dear friend tennyson thomas for tagging me.